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88 Linkedin recommendations. That's something, right?
Tod Beardsley
Director of Research, Rapid7  
Websafety Ninja helpfully identified an internal configuration infoleak issue with one of Rapid7's web assets, which we were able to quickly confirm and remediate thanks to his report.
Brennon Thomas
Cyber Security Engineer, Rackspace Technology  
Websafety Ninja responsibly disclosed a vulnerability to our security team through the Rackspace Security Vulnerability Reporting mechanism. Write up was clear and concise and he was professional throughout the information exchange.
Blagovest Valnaev
SEO / Digital Marketing Manager, Chopni.com  
Websafety Ninja helpfully identified a security issue on our website and we really appreciate them bringing it to our attention in his report and sharing with us the possible solutions. It was a pleasure to communicate with Maksym as he was very helpful and understanding, We are very greatful for his professional and ethical attitude.
Naresh Kukreja
Project Manager, Emorphis Technologies  
Yes, he is really a Ninja and expert in identifying and resolving the security threats. He helped organizations in managing their products in secured way. He has keen interest in researching things and providing robust secured solution. Good work Maksym, Keep it up! :)
Marat Basyrov
Founder, Lead Project Manager, Software System Designer and Solution Architect, Intelligent Profit Solutions  
Websafety Ninja has the best intentions and always looking for the ways to help. They have provided great assistance with the security to one of our project. I’m looking forward to working with Websafety Ninja in the future.
Jon Lenton
Senior Director Information Technology, MaxSold  
We are a fast growing company and focus on our IT Security all the time. Websafety Ninja still found a potential issue and were very professional in their advice. We made the adjustments thanks to Websafety Ninja!
Dan Wash
Director Of Engineering, Ceros  
Websafety Ninja identified a security issue on a site we host and notified us rather than trying to find a way to exploit it. They provided a very detailed description of the issue along with his recommendations for remediation, which were exactly what I would've recommended doing. I'd recommend Websafety Ninja for anybody looking for a security researcher.
John G
Developer, Sage  
Emailed me out of the blue with a security concern for a site I was working on. You and I are lucky to get a message from Websafety Ninja, because malicious people have access to the same information they're generously sharing.
Jeroen Demets
"TitleTechnology Expert & Internal IT Manager", Savaco  
Websafety Ninja spontaneously showed us that the security of our website could be improved. We took their suggestions serious and made the changes. Thanks for being a white hat!
Dmitrijus K.
Director, Airinme Limited - Multiprice.com  
Websafety Ninja approached me on Linkedin offering help with our portal security. I was very impressed with Tanya and her team's efforts to identify vulnerabilities and critical gaps in our UGC (with customer data) site. In this GDPR era it is vital to be one step ahead - thanks to Tanya we have been able to do so. Much appreciated the transparent approach and guidance from start to end. Would happily work together again.
K B Shiv Kumar
Co-Founder and CTO, IndiQus Technologies  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja, helped identify a security issue with our hosting. An ethical hacker with integrity. Worth considering.
Ian Bugeja
Chief Executive Officer, AIRO Ltd  
Websafety Ninja identified a medium level security problem in our website infrastructure, and suggested a solution to fix it. Their responsible & timely disclosure was greatly appreciated.
Jonathan Levi
Founder and CEO, HACERA  
Thank you Maksym for being such a proactive Security Ninja, literally. HACERA, the Unbounded Network team, and even the MiPasa board are super grateful!
Younes Chaoui
CTO, Kostango  
I was impressed about Websafety Ninja's instinct on detecting web application vulnerabilities
Mario Gheghici
Digital Marketing Project Manager, OSD Digital Agency  
I'd like to thank Websafety Ninja for their support in fixing some vulnerabilities on one of our projects. A positive and professional attutude.
Carlos Ballester Lafuente
Technical Project Manager, Center for Digital Trust  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja approached us in LinkedIn to share certain vulnerabilities he had found in our server due to a wrong Apache configuration. He has been extremely professional on his approach and very helpful, and I would highly recommend him should you have some IT security needs to be taken care of.
Sasan Zahirnia
Co-Founder, LeafTech GmbH  
Websafety Ninja identified certain vulnerabilities in our website, and generously shared them with us, alongside with possible solutions. We are very thankful!
Aziz Arman
Cofounder & CEO, Jatri  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja has very strong skills which were crucial for efficient progress.He approached us with a potential website related security issue recently and contacted via linkedin and point out on incorrect apache configuration. I would warmly recommend him for any future security research needs.
José Manuel Jiménez Marín
CEO and Founder, Webdox Legal  
Websafety Ninja identified and responsibly disclosed a potential security issue on our commercial website. With their report, we were able to remediate it. Communication with Websafety Ninja and the quality of the report was at a high professional level.
Tim Rash
"DevOps Architect", Xpanxion  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja was professional and thorough. He gave very in-depth and thoughtful report of vulnerabilities found. Maksym was discreet and helpful. I appreciate him bringing the issues to our attention.
Ray Tan
"Scrum Master (IT Project Manager)", PCH International  
Websafety Ninja came across one of our sites and found a few vulnerabilities. Good work!
Pavel Lobashov
QA Automation, Ascensio System SIA  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja contacted our team via email and linkedin and point out on incorrect apache configuration, which allow public access to private data. Maksym describe problem in great detail and advise for possible solution (which I used) Discussing this problem with Maksym was great experience.
Knight Hou
Co-Founder, Relab  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja approached us with a potential website related security issue recently. He notified us in good faith instead of trying to exploit it. With his help we put in remedial steps and resolved the issue. Communication with Maksym was very easy and professional throughout the process. We would not hesitate to recommend Maksym for anyone with future security research needs.
Pankaj Kumar Sharma
Co-founder and VP Engineering, Staqu Technologies  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja is an extremely professional individual in the Ethical Hacking domain and had helped us identify some of the hidden issues and we would be glad to work with him in the future to enhance the security of our systems.
Michael Hagarty
Head Of Engineering, Spriggy  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja identified a security vulnerability in our website and approached us about it. He was very professional, ethical and gave good advice to address the issue. I would recommend him to anybody looking for a security researcher.
Denis Goryainov
Technical Specialist, ZSC  
Working with Maksym from Websafety Ninja proved to be extermely usefull, not only does he have extensive knowledge of web security, he can also find out the best way to protect our applications on different layers. He is a very critical thinker and shared his understanding of what needs to be done. I would love to work with Maksym in future projects and his service was the most valuable money investment."
Pavlo Golubnychiy
"CMO", Bookclub Family Leisure Club  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja discovered several significant vulnerabilities in our project, acting in according to ethical principles, demonstrating a deep understanding of the web protocols as well as protection measures. It worth to mention his enthusiasm, problem-solving mindset on the technical side, as well as clarity and concision on the communication side."
Ilya Stenkov
Founder, Alphateca  
Maksym was very helpful in penetration tests our systems. He find some hidden problems and we could force our security. I was very happy to work with him and hope that I will use his help again.
Jerzy Gidziela
informatyk , Lentex S.A.  
Websafety Ninja are professionals. They found security flaws in our company's website posted by an external company and submitted a precise report that could be verified. Top-class specialists.
Erdem Alkan
Head Of Technology, bidolubaski.com  
Websafety Ninja detected security issue on our subsite and suggested a fix. At the top of our list. Professional and honest. Thank you!
Hasan Noori
Co-Founder and CTO, Formaloo  
Websafety Ninja helped our business by identifying a potential security issue on one of our servers, and gave us a detailed report on the issue. Thanks to Websafety Ninja, we could solve the issue before it becoming a serious problem for us.
Nathan Lopez
Développeur Full Stack, KPulse  
Websafety Ninja discovered a security issue on one of the websites i'm working on and generously shared with me some fixes. Thanks for your help!
Cristian Amitroaie
Founder & CEO, AMIQ EDA  
Websafety Ninja detected security issue on our website and recommended fix. Very professional, transparent and honest. Thank you!
Edward Russell Gutierrez
"Head Of Engineering", PouchNATION  
Websafety Ninja detected a security issue in one of our websites. They are very professional and kind. Wouldn't mind working with them in the future.
Damian Lewita
Frontend developer, MYMENU.PL  
Websafety Ninja detected security issue on our website and recommended fix. Profesional, kind and unexpected help. Thank you! :)
Gene Goykhman, President, Indigo Technologies  
Websafety Ninja's report was accurate and comprehensive, and she led us in exactly the right direction to resolve the identified issues. I appreciate working with a courteous, responsive professionals like them.
John Cave
Co-Founder & Director, Shoptimised  
Websafety Ninja was very professional, transparent and honest while helping us to detect any issues with our wordpress site. Thanks Websafety Ninja!
Dr. Feliks Kravets
Founder, LinkiBag  
Websafety Ninja provided us with full information on what needs to be be done to improve with portal information security. It was great, unexpected and very beneficial. We appreciate it. Great job. Recommend.
Tiago Guedes
Deliverability & SysAdmin, E-goi  
Websafety Ninja reported to us and helped us identify a critical security flaw of utmost importance. Easy to communicate with and we would love to work with them again.
Konrad Buczynsk
Principal/Co-Founder, SECTARA  
Websafety Ninja provided a detailed breakdown of vulnerabilities for our platform, which were quickly verified and addressed. The advice was much appreciated and I would have no hesitation in recommending WebSafety Ninja to prospective clients.
Silvio Porcellana
CEO and founder, ChatbotsBuilder  
Extremely knowledgeable and with a great sense of ethic, they are true web and digital security ninjas!
Markus Goldbach
"CEO and Founder", PlagScan  
Thanks for your help, Websafety Ninja! They have shown great competence and professionalism. A pleasure doing business with you and keep up the good work!
Tomasz Gillner-Gorywoda
President & CEO, Cyfrowy Polsat  
Websafety Ninja has provided our company with an analytic report outlining and pointing us out to some cyber security risks. Their report was accurate by all accounts and helped our people to address these issues. Thank you again Websafety Ninja
Pierre Durand
Vice-Président en assurance Qualité, Analyste fonctionnel, Actionnaire, ConstructBuy  
Thanks Websafety Ninja for the safety tips Pierre Durand
Michal Korbela
Senior Backend Developer, Kiwi.com  
Thank you Websafety Ninja for reporting us vulnerabilities of our website. The report was detailed and easy to understand, and helped us to quickly fix the vulnerabilities.
Vincent Thery
Dirigeant cofondateur, Lili smart  
Websafety Ninja did a great job providing us a comprehensible and detailed security report. I thanks them and warmly recommend them.
Samuel G. Villegas
Founder, CTO, Program Manager, Scrum Master & Entrepreneurship Mentor, Innovation Hacking Lab  
If you're seeking to improve your cyber security Tanya from Websafety Ninja is a great person you'd like to contact. She scanned our sites and offered a detailed report on the vulnerabilities and potential solutions. Hope you can benefit from their work.
Wim Godden
, Cu.be Solutions  
Websafety Ninja identified issues in one of our setups and reported it immediately, with proper documentation and details on how they discovered it and how it could lead to further issues. I definitely recommend hiring them for pentesting and white hat projects. People like them are hard to find !
David Cardenas
CTO, Rentuos  
Websafety Ninja helped us by scanning potential security issues on our Wordpress site. They did a great job sending us a very detailed report that helped us to strengthen our website. Highly recommended.
Fei Manheche
Founder and CEO, Robobo Inc  
Founder and CEO Websafety Ninja identified and recommended on a potential security issues identified on one of our systems and pointed out great recommendation. Many thanks and highly recommended.
Roman L.
Software Developer, Blue Tomato GmbH  
Websafety Ninja sent me a message about a security problem on our website. Thanks to Websafety Ninja's detailed report we were able to fix the problem quickly. Great work from them.
Lowell Schneider
CEO, FacilityQuest  
Websafety Ninja contacted us about a security hole in our web architecture. Theyn communicated clearly and quickly and were overall very helpful. I appreciate working with Websafety Ninja.
Gregory Poudrel
Senior Systems Architect, Nerim  
Websafety Ninja approached me with information about some possible security risks. They produced a very accurate report that was describing the exposure, why, and what to do. Thanks for your transparency and professionalism. It was really a pleasure de work with you.
Baptiste B.
"Cadre technique et pedagogique", 42  
Thanks you Websafety Ninja for helping me to resolved a problem :) You were professional, and described the solution very well.
Santiago Cotto
CTO, KONA Tech  
Awesome work!
Waldemar Kujawski
Software Manager, IDEA commerce solutions  
I had the opportunity to work with Maksym from Websafety Ninja and he is a professional. I recommend.
Francisco Marasco Quiroga
Founder, FlyDevs  
Maksym from Websafety Ninja did a good super security report to my company as a professional guy. Thanks!
Maciej Daleczko
Senior Business Systems Programmer, Grupa Archicom  
Very helpful and moral person. Maksym from Websafety Ninja helped our company to identify problems with our site, and as a true white hat he just send us information that helped us prevent security breach. Thank you very much Maksym.
Maykhel David
Frontend Developer, HashMicro  
Websafety Ninja found potential issue on our website and recommend fix in professional way. Thanks to Websafety Ninja!
Directeur des opérations, Synapse Développement  
Tanya nous a gracieusement reporté une faille de sécurité sur l'un de nos serveurs, avec les détails associés et des recommandations précises pour la corriger. Grace à ces conseils, la faille a pu être corrigée rapidement et la sécurité de notre serveur renforcée.
Wolf Garbe
Founder & CEO, SeekStorm  
Websafety Ninja were very professional and helpful while detecting a security issue and recommending a solution.
Tony Doan
Lead Engineer, Cloud Energy  
Websafety Ninja identified gave me a detailed report of our WordPress website security issues. Really appreciate the way they help us by following ethical hacking principles.
Karen Ranero Quintana
Project & Account Manager, Wattio  
Thank you Websafety Ninja for the report and your security advice!
Baki Gezgen
Founder, Zaxe 3D Printing Technologies  
Many thanks for the security advice, Websafety Ninja.

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