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WebSafety Ninja Proposal

About Us

WebSafety Ninja is a Netherlands-based company, and represents a team of 5 security enthusiasts, with experience in software security consulting, penetration testing, and security audit. We constantly improve our skills and methods by participating in Bug Bounty programs

Security services

Web application testing

Web application and web service assessment implies both server-side and client-side security vulnerabilities identification, combining manual and automated vulnerability analysis and exploitation.

Mobile application testing

The purpose of the mobile application assessment is to identify security vulnerabilities that may be exploited to compromise user data on the device or accessed via a remote server using a web application or another network interface.

External penetration testing

The aim of an external pentest is to find ways to compromise your accessible (external) systems and services, gain access to sensitive information, and discover methods an attacker could use to attack your clients or users. The benefits of external penetration testing is a comprehensive security assessment of an organisation’s perimeter systems. Your perimeter comprises all those systems which are directly reachable from the internet. By nature, they are the most exposed systems as they are out in the open and are therefore the most easily and regularly attacked.

Comprehensive report

Security Audit Report includes all project deliverables. You will receive a detailed Technical Report of assessment results, as well as an Executive Summary with highlights of the findings and an overall description of your security posture. Technical Report will contain descriptions of identified security flaws and vulnerabilities, proof of concept demonstrations, and recommendations on remediation. Depending on the audit or pentest requirements, and conditions, the report can include additional sections.

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